Women Creating Bold Businesses

and Bold Lives Together!



12 Keys to Making a Confident Decision!

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Think about it… something you had never done before. Was it hard? Fun? Challenging? Easy? Exhilarating? That willingness to step into the unknown is just one indicator of your Bodacity Quotient™—your ability to boldly create what you desire. To be the “big you”. To create the business and life you long for, and deserve!


Your ability to take action steps consistently WILL determine your level of success and satisfaction in life. So if you are tired of playing small, spinning, and not having the rocking results you want... then WELCOME, you have come to the right place! 

That’s why this global community exists!

We believe that women living their passion, their pleasure and their purpose are the best hope we have to shift our world from FEAR to LOVE and our businesses and lives from GOOD to GREAT!!!


There are resources here for you: inspiration, food for thought, and en-COURAGE-ment. We are women of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. We are joining hands and hearts to build highly successful businesses and claim our extraordinary lives with support. 


And no, you don’t have to get your Superwoman cape dry cleaned so you can do even more. The simple, but profound shift required is to say YES! to yourself and to your dreams—starting right now!

What would be possible if someone had your back?

Well my sister—stop imagining and claim your seat on the Bodacity Express! There are no obligations, expiry dates or hidden charges. Instead, share in an abundance of opportunities – for expression, connection, expansion, inspiration, and insights – that generate the awesome synergy that only women can create.

Bodacity is about empowerment, excitement, and excellence.
Are you ready to ‘grab life by the ovaries’ and go for it?
Then welcome ladies! You are in the right place!