BodaciousU is home to a bad-ass, empowering collection of programs and a growing faculty of brilliant SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) and Coaches.


We are curating a world-class curriculum (try and say that 5 times real fast) of business and personal development online courses, live seminars and retreats. We are also building a team of empowering coaches and mentors that will hold your heart and hand while kicking your ‘buts’ so that you can achieve your goals and dreams now—not someday when…!


At BodaciousU you will be able to pick and choose the right support for where you are at in your journey. All of our programs and faculty will be ranked/rated to give people a good idea of what is the best fit for them. No more guessing if it’s too basic or beyond you. Of course when it comes to people, once competence is assured, fit is often more important than seniority so make sure you resonate with their style and approach.

Bodacity curated curriculum comes with the following 3 Descriptions:

So you can make it easy on yourself and let us help you find the support resources you need, or you could keep struggling with what I call “Shelf-help Shame”…


Let’s get real… Most of us have bought numerous solutions from a variety of experts who all have one or two pieces of the puzzle. Then we try to make the pieces fit but we’re missing half of them, they are out of order, and we don’t even have the picture of what the puzzle is supposed to look like when it’s all put together!


So the course or program goes on the shelf… we throw in some self-judgement and regret about having invested a bunch and getting zero return on that investment and voila, you have “shelf-help shame”.

Here’s what’s different about Bodacious U!

  1. All of the content, trainers and coaches have been vetted. They know their stuff. It’s relevant, practical, and proven.
  2. We are developing a roadmap and rating system to let you know where you should be in your process to get the most value from the program. This system will be implemented before the end of year.
  3. We are creating a curriculum that will take you from starting block to finish line. You can go try to piece together a comprehensive solution by checking out dozens of providers—or you can simply select from the best-of-the-best here.
  4. Members will have access to a “Study Buddy”! Another motivated woman like you to go through the programs you have purchased with. Accountability to another person… nothing quite like it for getting shit done!

So if you are committed to growing your business we will help you make a meaningful difference AND a magnificent living!


And because as entrepreneurs and business leaders our issues become the businesses issues, we cannot leave out the personal development side of the equation.


Whether you want to reach record new sales results, or achieve a long-standing dream, our fabulous faculty can help!


Welcome to BodaciousU where we are dedicated to helping you become your most BODACIOUS YOU!!

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