A Powerful Mission: Shift the world from fear to love one happy woman at a time!

A Bold Vision: Bodacity is a mindset, a community, and a movement!​

The short version:
We are about 6 C’s: Contribution, Connection and Community through developing Courage, Competence and Confidence.

Connecting you with your dreams, longing, passion and power.

Creating supportive communities of bodacious women around the world.

Making meaningful contributions that benefit women, and therefore men, children and our planet.

Supporting courageous leaps.

The longer version:

Bodacity—the movement—is committed to catalyzing a global shift in consciousness. Far from esoteric, our practical goal is to create a worldwide community of over a million powerful women living their purpose and pleasure in a million big and small ways every day.


Not only by supporting individuals in their growth, but also by supporting leaders in stepping up their game. Together we can apply all of our resources to solving meaningful issues in the world.


We are committed to eliminating the epidemic of “Not Enoughness” (Not good enough, smart enough, worthy, skinny, beautiful, and all those other BS stories!) so that together we can create the life and world we long for! Together we can create a world where every person matters and they know it! We know that nothing of significance is created in a vaccuum… hence the need for a rocking community of brilliant babes!


We’re starting that shift with fempreneurs. From self-employed women to owners or leaders of businesses of all sizes. Why? Because business is a great way to make a meaningful difference AND a magnificent living! When done right, it’s one of the most powerful vehicles for expression, creation, and dream realization!


You don’t have to be an entrepreneur to join us but we’re going to encourage everyone here to have at least a part-time source of revenue, contribution and freedom… a.k.a. your own business! And if that’s not your thing that’s O.K., your dreams and goals will still benefit from being part of this rocking community.


Bodacity celebrates and honors women. We encourage them. We empower them. We connect them. We support their growth. We do what it takes to hold their heart and kick their “buts” so that they create a new way of thinking. Beyond positive, and often empty rhetoric, we support you in choosing who you will BE, so that you can DO what it takes to HAVE the life and business you long for… right freaking now!


To create anything awesome, you need a vision… Check! A structure that supports the creation process… It’s coming along! And people who believe in you, support you, and make shit happen! This is our committed en-COURAGE-ment team!

Jannette Anderson
Founder of Bodacity

Jannette would like to say that she embraced the vision and the call to create Bodacity when it first ‘came through’ to her in 2007… but that’s just not true. She resisted this mission mightily. Finally, the vision won out and her stories lost so that she, her partner and team could launch Bodacity in 2016. The good news is that the vision and mission are fiercely clear and this community and movement is being birthed into being at a time when we need it most!

​Jannette is committed to being a dream catalyst. Her personal mission is to… Inspire a dance of passion and compassion that helps us all live out to our ‘edges’. Buy her a glass of wine and she’ll explain why supporting you in turning your dreams into a kick-ass reality inspires the hell out of her.


She is an ‘unlikely adventurer’. People typically don’t guess that she was a white water rafting guide for 4 years (OK – it was a million years ago when she was 24…) but she still goes zipping across Costa Rican jungles and African gorges to this day. Whether Scuba Diving, Para-sailing, or skydiving, you just can’t keep a good girl down (or up as the case may be). Jannette has visited over 20 countries so far and can often be found under the closest palm tree. (She loves being Canadian and prefers to do it from afar 6 months of the year!). When she is not living her ‘mobile lifestyle’ (fancy way to say she’s homeless), she can be found in Alberta Canada.


While she has done her time in the corporate trenches in senior managerial roles for Fortune 1000 companies, the majority of her 35+ (we stopped counting when the number got too high) years of expertise is in small business start-up and turn-around.


Whether coaching entrepreneurs on how to actually grow their businesses between 65 and 320% or teaching corporate clients for the University of Calgary and the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, she brings a contrarian and practical perspective that gets results.


Jannette’s 25+ years of personal development facilitation and coaching make her a rockstar at bridging the gap between what we know, and what we do about what we know!

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