​Jannette Anderson

Founder Fastermind™ and Bodacity

Jannette is an expert at getting the 4 inches between your ears working so that your business can thrive! She blends limit-busting, context-expanding, internal breakthroughs with visionary strategy and really, really practical tactics that work! She helps her clients get past their B.S. stories and procrastination to the freedom and contribution they are committed to creating!


After leading personal development courses for 25 years, training 120+ coaches, facilitating 11 Mastermind groups herself, personally coaching, training and consulting for over 480 clients from around the world, and running a global Mastermind leadership training program, Jannette knows her shit! …Er… she knows how to really help you achieve significant results!


Along with that she has 35+ years of business development expertise—in-depth strategy, marketing and sales know-how. It’s a very unique combination that has resulted in her being called the “Why Whisperer”. A genius at identifying your 3 Why’s (Why you do what you do, Why they should pick you, and Why they need what you have) and figuring out how to monetize that so that you stand out!


But really what she does most is provide a “kick-in-the-context” so that you can “Do YOUR Bold!”. As an in-demand speaker, a university and corporate trainer, and author of numerous programs, she LOVES giving people contrarian insights they can use to get a whole new access to where they are going. And let’s be honest, she kinda loves the limelight.


Jannette is committed to supporting women in grabbing life by the ovaries and going for it! Having watched way too many bodacious beauties struggle with the lie of “Not Enough” she has said “Enough!” to that.


An inveterate adventurer Jannette has zip-lined in three countries, dived with great whites, was a white water rafting guide for four years, travelled with a carnival and chose to become homeless at 57 (adopted a mobile lifestyle) plus many other ridiculous pastimes that require wine to be disclosed.

Aura McKay

Senior Fastermind™ Facilitator

Aura McKay is the founder of Business of Creativity, an internationally award winning professional photographer, and an inspiring and effective business coach.


She brings an enthusiastic, no holds barred, get right-to-the-heart-of-the-matter approach to delivering productivity, business planning, and marketing strategies for creative entrepreneurs. 


Aura’s mastermind facilitation style was developed after intensive training and focuses on truly leveraging the wisdom, knowledge, resources, and experiences of a curated group to help each participant go further, faster. Her commitment to both teaching information and supporting implementation have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and make her business and marketing programs truly exceptional.


She layers in practical experience from 20 years of experience as a successful entrepreneur with her more than 10,000 hours of personal transformation training, to approach business with 21st century mindset and marketing strategies that work in any economy.


Aura is a stand for entrepreneurs to make a living and an impact, doing work they love and living their best life!

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