Have you ever had the thought 

“There MUST be a better way!!??!!”… 


What if you could:

  • Make important decisions with confidence and ease because you have an expert sounding board that has your back?​

  • Bypass those damn ‘should’s and have-to’s’ and discover a business model that serves you instead of the other way around!

  • Have ongoing access to a wealth of resources and expertise that will accelerate and expand your results while saving you a ton of wasted time and money?

  • Receive kick-ass, customized training and coaching so you can intelligently focus on what will work to drive revenue for you?

  • Define success YOUR way--reimagine your business, contribution and freedom and be supported in implementing that plan!

You can… and the time is now!

There IS a better way… and this is it!

How Does a Fastermind™ Work?

Welcome to Bodacity's Fastermind™ Circles

Fastermind™ circles are a facilitated, curated, learning and leadership laboratory! It is a forum for fearless experimentation and an incubator of courageous approaches and innovative ideas!


Select participants join an exclusive group of successful business owners and service providers who profit from living their purpose. Together, we tap into the best you, so you can bring out the best in others.


Members engage in powerful strategic conversations with their colleagues monthly. Their results are expedited because of the power of the collective wisdom and experience at their disposal. They also have access to a private, online Mastermind community for ongoing accountability, engagement, resources, and encouragement.



They give and receive a level of support that entrepreneurs seldom have access to in our busy, competitive, and over-committed lives.  And they hold themselves and their peers accountable for creating their bold businesses and bold lives THEIR way. Fasterminds™ are about increasing contribution, creativity and freedom—with velocity—through being part of a conscious community of movers and shakers!


If you are a woman who is:

  • Committed to creating greater impact and contribution…

  • A business owner who expresses purpose and passion by creating success on your terms… 

  • Ready to accelerate your results by creating massive practical and powerful support!

  • A rebel who knows that the status quo doesn’t fit you and is committed to creating a business that supports your freedom lifestyle

… Then let’s get at it!! These powerful mastermind groups are the leverage you need to help you step up the abundance, meaning, and impact you can have—not some day when… but right now!


You will be supported in clarifying, articulating and OWNING your value so you can earn and contribute more! Accountability will help you take more consistent action and apply what you know and what you’ll learn.


Escalate and accelerate what you can achieve with ease and flow by accessing the kind of support, acceptance, and en-courage-ment that most never experience!


Fasterminds™ brings the brilliance, expertise, wisdom, and heart of a highly curated group of committed leaders together to produce more for each member than we could ever achieve on our own. 

This is not for you if you: 

  • Are convinced that being a lone wolf is somehow noble, or necessary. 

  • Want to continue to be stalled or spin in confusion and only be seen to be "Working on your business" vs. actually doing the work! 

  • Refuse to get good at asking for, receiving, and giving true support. Playing a bigger game demands having a stronger foundation which means mastering enrolment of others!  


Fastermind™ Business Acceleration Circles 

Reimagining Business, Contribution, and Freedom!

Your Fastermind Includes: 

Facilitation by Aura McKay & Jannette Anderson

  • 2 x 90 Min Mastermind calls / Month with Aura 

  • A 90 Min Business Boosting Training & Open Office Hours
    Delivered by Jannette and Guest Experts

  • Bonus #1: 1/2 Day Commitment & Creation Session 1/4ly

  • Bonus #2: A personal Strategic Clarity Session with Jannette 

Meet Your Fastermind™  Leaders

Founder Fastermind™ 

and Bodacity

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